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Kie Lie Mosbrucker, an employee in Hettinger, states "The modules helped me learn so much about the people I support, the little things that I didn't understand. By studying the Autism module, I knew how to communicate better with someone. It made such a difference."

Our Board of Directors is changing. Ken Obritsch served on our board from October 2014 to July 2020. Ken was actively involved in finding donors to support our mission. He brought a parent's perspective as we have supported his daughter since 1988.

What do you do when you are quarantined? Pick up a new hobby! I was sanding wooden objects for preschool kids to paint but needed something more.  I decided to try upcycling furniture.

We are hearing the hum of heavy equipment as improvements are being made at the T-Rex plaza. Built in the 1960's, the rear parking lot and loading areas of the plaza have been difficult to navigate when conditions in the lot become muddy or icy. Improvements include...

When friends move away, it can be challenging to stay in touch. Former employee Amanda (Aldrich) Vibbart, is now
residing in California. From the moment that Amanda became engaged, Danielle and I knew that Tyler had to get to
the wedding...

Patrick Renner is a music enthusiast. He enjoys polka festivals, playing his guitar, and listening to local artists every chance he gets. He had big dreams to plan a vacation where he could experience music outside of Dickinson.

Pat decided Nashville was the perfect place to explore.

"Shred the R word day was a great experience for all students. When we entered the classrooms there was no hesitation for kids to stand up and take part in this important movement. Every student got up with a smile on their face. It definitely made people think about the message." -Ethan, DHS student

On January 30, 2020, we purchased the building at 101 North Main Street in Bowman from the Arc, Little Missouri, Inc. This building houses our REPEAT OUTLET store, Recycling business, and work areas where ABLE’s unique line of products are created.

Mary Anderson, Executive Director, states, "The acquisition of this building provides stability, opportunity and future for people with intellectual disabilities and futuristically, people with other disabilities. ABLE's motto is "Weaving Lives Together" and we see the plaza as an excellent way to weave community together through the expansion of employment as well as hosting social events."

The last home game of the season was about to start as the DSU volleyball team gathered together in the basement locker room of Scott Gymnasium. Excitement and laughter turned to calmness as they wrapped their arms around each other and huddled to say their pre-game prayer.

“When I first found out where I would be housing for my summer internship, to be honest, I was a little nervous, because I didn’t know much about people with disabilities and I wasn’t sure how I, a person without a disability, would fit in."

Like many providers in the state, ABLE has been focusing on staff recruitment. One element of this is examining our presence in various media sources. We are currently updating our website, launching in November, to include new features and a fresh look!

Ronda Colbert had been praying to find her older sister, Cheryl, since 1982 and her younger sister, Teri, since 1985. The girls grew up in Harlan, Iowa and lost touch with each other after going their separate ways.

Where is the best place to spend a Saturday in the heat of summer? At the ballpark! On July 20th, Dickinson's own Big Sticks baseball team shared their field with the Dickinson Park & Rec Unified Softball league for the second year in a row.