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Building Purchase in Bowman

On January 30, 2020, we purchased the building at 101 North Main Street in Bowman from the Arc, Little Missouri, Inc. This building houses our REPEAT OUTLET store, Recycling business, and work areas where ABLE’s unique line of products are created. The Arc had purchased this building (formerly the Gate City Bank) on January 15, 1993 to provide more work space for ABLE which had been located where the APEX Energy and Framefully Yours businesses are now. On September 28, 2010, The Arc approved construction to expand the building by adding 2000 additional square feet. This was completed in May of 2012. ABLE and The Arc have enjoyed a great partnership all these years, in fact ABLE has rented work space from The Arc since October 1, 1984. We are excited to move forward as the new owners of this lovely building in the heart of Bowman.