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Who We Are

About Us

Prior to 1984, people with intellectual disabilities were referred to live at the State Institution at Grafton, ND. During this time there were very few or no community supports available to people with intellectual disabilities and families. In 1980, the Association of Retarded Citizens of North Dakota filed a class action suit against the State of North Dakota, declaring that the state’s method of providing care for people with intellectual disabilities violated their constitutional rights. In 1984, The North Dakota ARC won their lawsuit and people began going home. ABLE, Inc. was incorporated in October 1984 as a result of people moving back to their home communities. A southwest regional board established supports in the communities of Bowman, Dickinson and Hettinger.

Currently ABLE, Inc. supports nearly 100 people in their homes, work and in their communities of Dickinson, Bowman and Hettinger. ABLE, Inc. employs approximately 200 support staff whose primary role is to discover who people are, who they love, what they enjoy and what enhances their lives. Discovery of all of these things about people happen through day-to-day supports as well as working with a team of family, friends, coworkers and community associates who support the life-long process of personal growth of all people.

Our main office building is located at 1951 1st St W in Dickinson, ND.  


ABLE, Inc. is accredited by The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL). CQL is an independent, non-profit leader in the definition, measurement and evaluation of quality of life for people with disabilities. CQL accredits organizations based on practices related to health, welfare and human security and the implementation of CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures®.

ABLE, Inc. was honored with a 4 year accreditation in 2021.


ABLE, Inc. Intermediate Care Facilities/Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID) Homes are licensed and re-licensed annually by the North Dakota Department of Health and the North Dakota Department of Human Services. These surveys are unannounced and conducted onsite by North Dakota Department of Health Surveyors.