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Residential Services

Nursing Team

ABLE, Inc. has a team of nurses who work in coordination with the people in our residential services, their families, medical providers, Support Coordinators, Managers and support staff. Our nurses assist in various health tasks such as:

  • Responding and providing care for injury and illness
  • Ensure labs, appointments, x-rays, physicals, specialist appointments, follow-up appointments, therapies, etc. are scheduled and needs are communicated to team members
  • Assisting people in attending medical appointments and procedures
  • Providing health care education to the people we support in ways they can understand
  • Communicating with guardians to assist people in making health care decisions
  • Monitor health care progress by writing nursing care plans when needed, annual health history, annual medication history, updating immunizations, make recommendations for treatment as needed
  • Determine the need for and provide appropriate training to direct care staff whenever nursing tasks are delegated

We are proud of our nursing team and the supports they provide as they are an integral part in assisting people we support in leading quality lives.

We are dedicated to promoting the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of people we support and invite our health care community to encircle people with care, kindness and hope.