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T-Rex Mall

Our Vision for the T-Rex Mall

Creating employment and providing work supports was our primary objective when ABLE, Inc. purchased the T-Rex Mall in 2019.  

In addition to how tough it is to find jobs or create jobs for people with disabilities, several current public policy measures are proposed that will shrink existing employment opportunities. New guidelines introduced by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) pose new challenges as they would like to see more jobs that integrate people into the community versus jobs isolated in large back rooms occupied by dozens of disabled workers and their support staff. ABLE believes these are excellent goals but how do we comply?

The T-Rex Mall is key to our ability to meet these new requirements.  

Modifications at the Mall created more space to expand the square footage of work sites to keep people working.  ABLE will be able to provide jobs with supports in multiple locations and in a variety of ways.  This provides a wealth of opportunity to create community integrated jobs, new businesses and entrepreneurship opportunities for people with disabilities.  

Rather than one Thrift Store, ABLE is creating many smaller establishments in response to our donation stream. This includes a children’s store, Kid Thrift, ABLE Used Furniture and our vintage store, Decades.  Space in separate suites or kiosks will create additional options for work.  These changes bring needed, affordable goods to the community while providing meaningful jobs where workers can build relationships with the public.  Approximately 97% of the items are donated.  The remainder is purchased at auctions and close out sales.  Prices are set based on the tolerance of customers and comparisons with other similar thrift stores in the region. Items are sorted and some clothing and other fabric is recycled into products manufactured at ABLE’s Repeat Outlet store in Bowman.  The Repeat Outlet also produces loomed rugs and other sewn articles which are also sold at Decades in the Mall. Revenues generated from the stores support overall operations of ABLE enhancing the lives of those they serve.

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