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A Trip for the Cheeseheads

Colin Schmidt and I headed on a road trip to see the Green Bay Packers on August 17th. We stayed in Hayward, Wisconsin which is my hometown, had breakfast with my grandma and toured the town. Colin really enjoyed this part of the trip! We headed to Green Bay that afternoon... the look on Colin’s face was so priceless when he saw Lambeau Field and logos on everything.

The day of the game we had breakfast and drove around looking at all Green Bay things: green and gold houses, vehicles, and mailboxes. Street signs are the names of the players and everywhere you look people were wearing packers apparel. Colin was so excited to see that everyone else liked the same team as him. We went shopping for some new green bay gear and ate lunch at The Depot In downtown Green Bay. We headed into the stadium and went to Colin’s FAVORITE STORE OF ALL TIME!! The Packers Pro Shop! Watching him look around in awe was truly the best thing ever.  He purchased a jersey, cap and trinkets like a CHEESEHEAD. We took many pictures!

After the pro shop, we looked around the stadium, took pictures in front of the Lombardi trophy, ate and went to look for our seats. While doing so, we found ourselves in the scariest/coolest elevator. It was all dark until it was time to go up and then we found out it was all glass and you could see everything around you! Our seats were a perfect view of center field. We met great people seated around us and spent the whole game cheering together. The Packers won against the Saints 20-10! It was all smiles as we drove home the next day, excited to show everyone pictures of our adventure.  -Olivia Ogren, DSP