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Supporting Friendships

Sarah Steiner and I went to Los Osos, California to go to Jamie (Coyle) Moothart's wedding. It was nice to see her so happy and beautiful at the wedding and the dance afterwards was great! -Abra Safratowich

Jamie also shared, “I started my journey with ABLE back in 2014, and the bonds I made with those I supported were very strong. It was hard to make the move back to California because I knew I’d be leaving behind a piece of my heart in North Dakota. Through the years living in separate states, we have managed to remain close and keep in touch on an almost daily basis! Abra and I have spoken about her coming to California for years, and through the help of an amazing team, they were able to make it happen! I was so overjoyed and honored that Abra, Sarah, and the wonderful support staff, Susan and Stacy were able to come meet my family and friends, as they all felt like they knew them because of how often we keep in touch. I am very grateful for the lifelong friendships I made at ABLE!”