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ABLE, Inc. Celebrates the Deschamp family of Fire & Ice, Dickinson ND

We are proud to feature the Deschamp family and their business, Fire & Ice, as they have been a community partner who has been willing to journey with us in unique ways. From providing service to our Dickinson ICF group homes, to assisting us in providing a specialized housing opportunity for someone we support, the Deschamp family has understood the importance of our mission. Tevis and Jill welcomed our vision of renovating a home on their property and because of their willingness, Greg Privratsky is ringing in the New Year with a new home of his own. In discussing the project, Jill shared, "We appreciate the ability to serve and it was a neat idea for the house. It's awesome."

Mary Anderson stated, "They saw the potential and allowed us to customize the home to meet Greg's specific needs. It is freeing to have partners like them in our corner. We also need to thank Jason Klein, Brian Frank, Lyle Filkowski, Shane White and Cerberus Security for their work on this project." Through this support of our community partners we can bring our mission to life and positively impact the lives of people with disabilities. We look forward to featuring more community partners in future newsletters.