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A Note From Our Executive Director

Hello all,

We hire many employees who positively impact the lives of people we support. When an employee's journey with us ends, we hope they walk away positively impacted themselves, being better citizens, better educated, better human beings. Recently a former employee, Karin Reisenauer, shared on social media how her time at ABLE has benefitted her and it instantly warmed my heart. With her permission, I'd like to share with you what Karin said:

About 36 years ago, I started a job with ABLE, Inc. I worked there up until a few years ago when I had to leave because of my health. I still miss it. I'd go back if my body would allow me to. It never was a job, it was more like another part of my family. The administration, co workers and the people I assisted were all a big part of my life back then. I learned so much about people and so many other things, but what I wanted to talk about is the fact that without my years at ABLE, I would be having a really hard time right now.

We have some medical issues going on and I find myself remembering my training at ABLE almost daily. My husband has medical issues, and like they say, "when it rains it pours". It's pouring right now with 3 or 4 pretty serious and very different medical issues. I'm pretty much in charge with his medications, appointments, all kinds of procedures going on, and trying to keep them all handled, lots of medication issues, keeping them all straight. Kirsten Friedt, thanks to your training, I'm keeping things together pretty well. I even made myself a med sheet. I just wanted to say thank you ABLE for giving me the tools that help me so much now! So many people to thank, Rosie Jahner, Janelle Stoneking, thank you for your friendship and support over the years, I'll quit now... Thank you to all the wonderful people that I worked with and even to the people that I assisted, I won't even try to mention them all... you know who you are! Mary Anderson did a great job leading the team. -Karin Reisenaur

We are honored to have had Karin serve as an employee for so many years bringing great security and care to the people she supported and her team. Thank you for sharing, Karin. What a great testimony of how the knowledge learned at ABLE, Inc. deeply matters. -Mary Anderson