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It's time to head to the ballpark! June 17th at noon the Badlands Big Sticks will be playing an exhibition game with our unified softball teams. The Big Stick players will help support people with disabilities as they play, assisted by staff and friends that play on the unified softball league teams. There will be 2 hours of field time, which includes 2 innings played with 2 at bats per player. 

There is no cost for admission! We want to FILL THE STANDS with a cheering audience for our teams, so please spread the word. You will not regret it! Concessions, cans of pop and water will be available for purchase with all proceeds going towards the purchase of Minnesota Twins tickets for one lucky raffle winner from our unified softball team. Come out for a wonderful game at the Dakota Community Bank and Trust Ballpark, the home field for our Badlands Big Sticks team.