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Grand Ole Opry, Here We Come

Patrick Renner is a music enthusiast. He enjoys polka festivals, playing his guitar, and listening to local artists every chance he gets. He had big dreams to plan a vacation where he could experience music outside of Dickinson.

Pat decided Nashville was the perfect place to explore.

"I love music," says Renner. Pat explained he toured the city of Nashville and there was music at every corner. "I went on a boat ride and there was music. I went to a Christmas music concert too."

Pat set up his travel itinerary through Sundial Vacations. Sundial Special Vacations has been providing excursions for adults with disabilities since 1968.

Pat lived his dream during this five day adventure. He decided to plan his trip in December so he could experience Nashville during Christmas time. He took a tour of Nashville, saw a music Christmas concert, and visited the Grand Ole Opry.

"I want to go on another trip soon," states Pat.

Pat explains that this is not the last trip he plans to take. He enjoys seeing new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things.