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Residential Services


ABLE, Inc. provides residential services to people with intellectual disabilities who have various needs for support. We understand that life has many seasons so residential options may need to vary depending on the person’s current needs, health, life situation, and age. Current supports are provided in group homes, apartments, through home ownership, or in family homes.  

Support and education are provided in all aspects of daily life including meals, finances, health, transportation, recreation and relationships. Through a team process, we work together to empower the person in developing goals to increase independence and overall well being. At the same time, efforts are made to help people maintain and expand the connections they have with others and to have an active role in their community as a neighbor, friend, volunteer.

Residential Support Options

  • ABLE, Inc. provides ICF/IID services in group home settings in Dickinson and Hettinger, offering twenty-four hour assistance to people while helping them live independent lives. Staff support them to be actively involved in their household, personal hygiene, volunteer and work opportunities, recreation and leisure as well as fostering community integration. Those individuals who are under the age of 21 years old continue to attend public school.

  • Residential Habilitation supports are provided daily to people within their own homes or apartments. The amount of support varies depending on the needs of the person. Overnight support is available if needs arise but may or may not be on site depending on the location of apartment or home. This service is currently provided in Dickinson and Bowman.

  • Independent Habilitation services are provided as needed to people in their own apartments or homes. The supports are may not be daily but is the assistance necessary for them to succeed in the community.

  • In Home Supports is a program that offers supports to families in their homes by assisting with caring for a member of the family. This program also provides respite care to families by offering staff support while family members are away from the home.