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Mindfulness Webinar

Thursday, June 3, 2021
12:00 pm1:30 pm

Session Description: How helpful would it be to learn a skill that allows you to manage real challenges and difficulties with greater flexibility and resiliency? It would be amazing, right? Mindfulness is an often-misunderstood practice that can do that very thing. Perhaps now more than ever, people need to build, or maintain, skills that can help them cope with anxiety and manage the daily challenges of work, home, and health. Join presenter Robin Landwehr, DBH, LPCC, NCC and the Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center for a 90 minute training to develop and practice these skills!

Session Objectives:
• Understand what mindfulness is and how it is practiced.
• Explore how mindfulness practices can be applied in daily living.
• Apply mindfulness skills to support and improve team dynamics.
• Practice mindfulness skills with trainer guidance.

Who Should Attend?
ND DD service provider staff, including DSPs, RNs, LSWs, Managers, QDDPs, Coordinators, Trainers.