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Charitable Giving

Your donations light the way for the future

Life Income Gifts

Life Income Gifts

Charitable Gift Annuity:

Offers you a partial charitable deduction. On a regular schedule, you would receive income in return for your gift calculated by a percentage based on your age. Rates range from 5% to 9% based on your age (there is some return of principal). The nice part of the gift plan is the fixed reliable income, but also it can protect the asset value from probate and estate taxes. They are simple to set up, and 100% of the assets are conservatively invested in a special restricted fund to ensure a secure payout of income. The remainder value becomes the gift to the charity.

Charitable Trusts:

Offer great flexibility to benefit family members, special needs children, or a remaining spouse and still help charity. Gifts can be set up to provide variable or fixed rate income to serve the needs of you and your family. Trusts can also help reduce or eliminate the capital gains tax, provide a large charitable deduction, save estate taxes, and increase income from a non-income or low income producing asset. When income beneficiaries pass away, the remaining fund balance would go to the charitable remainder beneficiary.