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The Landing was constructed in 2014 by Lutheran Social Services with support from ABLE, Inc. who donated the land after receiving a grant from Slope Electric. ABLE, Inc. was interested in the project because people with disabilities they supported were looking for more housing options in Bowman.  They hoped this project could provide the affordable options they desired. Little Missouri Arc also saw the vision and stepped up to provide an additional donation of $100,000 toward the project.  The Landing has proved invaluable to people supported by ABLE, Inc. and to other tenants from the community.  Regrettably, in spring of 2021, Lutheran Social Services was no longer a viable entity, citing financial difficulties.  To fill the void, ABLE, Inc. stepped up to purchase and manage the building in May 2021. 

ABLE, Inc. has been in Bowman since 1984.  Prior to that, Carolynne Jones, Director of Satellite Services, operated a program for people with intellectual disabilities since January 1982.  In March 2022, Carolynne retired and Shelby Pauley was named the Director of Satellite Services. She leads a team of dedicated employees in Bowman, ND that support 16 incredible people who work at the Repeat Outlet Store, recycle aluminum cans, and clean the Cedar Chest. 

Prior to The Landing, most people supported by ABLE, Inc. lived in a group home located behind St. Charles Catholic Church.  Though group home living met basic needs, the ability to live more independently in apartments greatly improved people’s quality of life.  Imagine living and working with the same people every day! The Landing has become a wonderful home providing freedom and space for many. In May 2021, ABLE announced a $500,000 fundraising campaign to help stabilize the financial status and cash flow of the property. They appreciate all of the support that the residents of Bowman and surrounding communities have given to bring success to the project. 

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